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Vantaggi dell'utilizzo della luce ellissoidale a LED

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LED Ellipsoidal Light has several advantages over traditional lighting sources. LEDs are much more energy efficient, and they generate very little heat. This makes them ideal for use in stage lighting, as they will not overheat actors or sets. Additionally, LED Ellipsoidal Lights are very rugged and durable, making them perfect for use in outdoor applications.

What is an LED Ellipsoidal Light?

How Does an LED Ellipsoidal Light Work?

What are the features of the LED Ellipsoidal Light?

What are the Different Types of Ellipsoidal Lights

What is an LED Ellipsoidal Light?

An ellipsoidal light, or "ellipsoidal reflector spotlight" (ERS), is a type of stage lighting instrument. Ellipsoidal lights are used for a variety of purposes, including spotlighting actors on stage, lighting sets and scenery, and projecting images and Gobos (custom-made patterns) onto surfaces.

How Does An LED Ellipsoidal Light Work?

An LED Ellipsoidal Light, also known as an LED Profile Spotlight, is a type of spotlight that uses an array of LEDs instead of a traditional incandescent bulb. These lights are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. LED Ellipsoidal Lights are often used in stage lighting, architectural lighting, and other applications where a focused beam of light is needed.

So how do LED Ellipsoidal Lights work? An electrical current is passed through the LEDs, which causes them to emit light. The light emitted by the LEDs is then directed and focused by the reflector inside the fixture. This results in a beam of light that is much brighter and more concentrated than the light emitted by a traditional incandescent bulb.

What are the features of the LED Ellipsoidal Light?

1. LED power is different, usually a COB light source from 10W to 500W

2. Different angles, conventional ones are 19°26°36°, 10°50°, etc. need to be customized.

Wincode Optronics has

1. High CRI: CRI≥95, up to CRI98

2. Clear image, no blue fringe, uniform light spot

3. Fine linear dimming, 4 dimming curves optional Flicker-Free

4.MGCP heat pipe radiator + Silent fan for heat dissipation, no noise. Temperature rise does not exceed 20 ℃, intelligent automatic temperature adjustment system

What are the Different Types of Ellipsoidal Lights?

LED Ellipsoidal Light is divided into LED, HID or traditionally Tungsten Halogen according to different light sources

Most of the LED Ellipsoidal Lights currently use LED light sources. Only in European countries, because of the stable color temperature and high brightness of traditional light sources, some theaters and churches choose to use imaging lights with traditional light bulb light sources.This newer type of ellipsoidal light is becoming increasingly popular due to its energy efficiency and long lifespan.

Guangzhou Wincode Optronics Co., Ltd offer high quality reasonable LED Ellipsoidal Lights in High CRI, High power, fine dimming are widely used in theaters, churches, stages, catwalk lights.

Wincode Optronics si dedica a illuminare il mondo con diverse intelligenza
prodotti, gestione scientifica e produzione efficiente.

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